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Anthony Parnther

Sam Ewing

Film Composer

The Walking Dead, God of War Ragnarok, Last Seen Alive

"Sense & Sound has finally taken my mind off of the room and the speakers and let me focus on the only thing I need to care about: my music.

As someone who’s moved studios a lot in the last few years, I really appreciate the clever, portable design of the panels, which most importantly are super high quality, musical, and beautiful. Along with the highest quality panels in the business, you get the best pair of ears in the business to tune your room.

My studio was meticulously treated and tuned in a day, and a year later moved to another house where it was treated and tuned in 6 hours.

Without a doubt the most translatable and movable studio treatment in the business. These panels are good for life and will work beautifully in any room."

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