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Smart Legs Sketces
Smart Legs - attach at height reference
Smart Legs - Your studio is up in no time
Smart Legs - lift the panel into place, leaning against the wall

Discover a new era of acoustic panel mounting with Smart Legs. Designed to make installation effortless, Smart Legs offer adjustable height and seamless attachment, eliminating the challenges & damages of traditional wall mounting. Upgrade your acoustic experience with Smart Legs and transform your space in a matter of minutes.

Smart Legs Pics + Video
Smart Legs Close Up - Installed
Smart Legs Product Shot
Smart Legs Gallery
Smrt Legs Pricing

Smart Legs - Leaning Pair: $75

6' Panels' Legs

Ceiling Height Range: 6'9" - 10'

8' Panels' Legs

Ceiling Height Range: 8'9" - 12'

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