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Our Mission
Achieve reliable, flawless sound in your studio
Make the process effortless

Hush, the founder of Sense and Sound

Ever since Hush, the founder, was 16 years old, he’s been passionate about building studios to produce music. In his 20s, he moved a lot, and faced the challenge of setting up his studio every time. Hush realized this was a common situation for musicians. He always felt like there had to be a better way. This motivated Hush to develop the fidelity formula for setting up an accurate studio that enables flawless sound. 


In 2018, he created Sense & Sound. Working with dozens of clients across the next 4 years, he refined and perfected the fidelity formula.

At the same time, working to simplify and streamline the studio design process. What was once a frustrating experience became easy and exciting.


Over the years, Sense & Sound developed a reputation for designing and installing world-class studios without the headache. Our roster of clients has spanned award-winning producers and global brands.


We are gearing up to launch our studio design systems catalog through national distributors. With more and more musicians upgrading their studios, the future has never sounded better.

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