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Instead of weeks or months, get your studio done in one day

What our Studio In A Day service includes


We bring our products & solutions to your space

Studio System Demo

Studio System Demo

We set up our Studio Systems for you to experience


You choose what you want to buy, we install it for you

Speaker Placement & Calibration 

Our studio designer calibrates your studio

Unleash Your Creativity in a New Studio

Introducing our groundbreaking white glove service: Studio In A Day. We will design, install, and calibrate your studio acoustics all in just one day.


Forget the lengthy, stressful process of figuring out what you need and what's actually worth it before you spend any money. Forget the jargon that doesn't tell you anything.


We will come to you with our proprietary studio systems, set them up for you to hear, and then decide what you want to buy. Our expert studio designer will help and guide you every step of the way.

Once everything is installed, we'll conduct speaker placement and calibrate your studio for flawless sound. After that, we'll show you our selection of exclusive fabrics for you to personalize your studio - to make it pop. Finally, we'll leave you with your brand new and ready-to-go studio.


Say goodbye to lengthy, messy, and expensive construction. Say hello to an awesome studio work environment. Schedule your Studio In A Day consult today. 

Studio Transformations

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